Since 2008, my primary editorial experience has been securing literary permissions as well as researching images. This selected list of the projects include educational textbooks, trade publications, and specialty books:

  • Fight to Learn: The Struggle to Go to School by Laura Scandiffio (Annick Press)
  • Classroom to Community: A Century of Social Work in Toronto (centennial book and public exhibition) from the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
  •  The DK Handbook, 1st Canadian Edition by Wysocki et al. (Pearson Canada Inc.)
  •  Blood, Sweats and Tears by David Clayton-Thomas (Viking Press / Penguin)
  •  Sociocultural Anthropology: A Problem-based Approach, 3rd Canadian Edition by Robbins et al. (Nelson Education)
  • Modern Advanced Accounting In Canada, 8th Canadian Edition by Hilton & Herauf (McGraw-Hill Education)
  • Canada, A History, 3rd Canadian Edition by Conrad et al. (Pearson Canada Inc.)


The list below include just a few of the amazing projects I’ve worked on as an editor, writing consultant, and manuscript assessor. It was a joy working with these writers, editors, and organizations:

  • Marguerite Nakhla: Legacy to Modern Egyptian Art from Dr. Helene Moussa and St Marks’ Coptic Museum
  • Mediterranean Journey: A Young Woman’s Travels through 1970s Europe by Ann Eyerman
  •  Who’s Your Daddy? And Other Writings on Queer Parenting edited by Rachel Esptein (Sumach Press)
  • The Summer Between by Andrew Binks
  •  A Crack in the Pavement by Georgie Binks

During my graduate studies, I volunteered as a first reader for regular submissions and contests for PRISM International, UBC’s literary magazine operated through the Creative Writing Program.

Early in my career, I gained invaluable experience as a reader and former Submissions Editor working alongside Edward Fenner (Publisher) during the initial revisioning efforts to revitalize York University’s literary magazine Existere: A Journal of Art & Literature.

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As artists, writers, and editors, we should always being mindful of the publication and ownership of our work and the works of others.

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