As this long weekend settles in for its three-day stay, I hope you’ll make the most if it with happy gatherings and large meals. And, may you spare the time (before the tryptophan zonks you out) for those bigger gestures of appreciation.

It may be raining, but the literary community shines on

EVENT Magazine’s most recent issue features several wonderful selections, including Jane Campbell’s nonfiction piece “Good as Dead.” The Matador Review just published the short story “Butterfly” by Gena Ellett. Emily Schultz’s gripping speculative thriller The Blondes has been optioned for adaptation to the screen.

Laura Ritland has released her chapbook Marine Science through Anstruther Press in Toronto (don’t forget to click on the small icon below the cover image to read the excerpt “Giant Squid”). Laura is an incredible poet, and a thoughtful advocate of diversity in the literary arts. Congrats, Laura!

This is just a taste of the amazing stories, essays, novels, projects, and artwork emerging from my peers in recent days. I’m happy to share the news and, at the same time, be motivated to carry on with my own work. I’ll be sure to regularly spread these good words.

Those Who Are Still There When the Turkey is All Gone

It goes without saying (so I’ll write it here instead) — my family and friends are the best.

They keep me grounded but also encourage me to reach high. Each one of them fascinates and inspires me with tales often-told, newly shared, and yet to be said. They can get me smiling and laughing in the special way that make me feel this young…

An introduction to cranberry sauce, circa 1990

All articulations of ‘thank you’  go to them.

So much to do, and so glad for it

It’s been nearly a year since I officially graduated from the Creative Writing program at UBC, and I’m still writing! The words may sometimes come slowly, but the fact that they still come (and that I still have the opportunity and time to shape them) is an amazing culmination of years of setting my sights toward the long-term. I’m there now.

That, in itself, is something to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Noun. (Cdn) An annual holiday for giving thanks

  1. I’m thankful for you Nadine. In the past 2 yrs, so much has happened with my journey and you have been a part of the journey. Looking forward to your thoughts on this website. You have fans in Newmarket, keep it coming our writer and even after the Turkey is gone we still missed you even after Thanksgiving, on regular days

    Aunty M.


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