To friends, colleagues, mentors, and all the lovely people I’ve met – hello again! To those of you who stumbled upon this site with neither intent nor design – well, the universe works in mysterious ways.

My name is Nadine Bachan. I write stories about folks I know and folks I’ve made up. I’m a permissions editor and photo researcher, too, making sure credit goes where credit is due.

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One of my favourite things. (Fun fact: A lowercase ‘l’ also stands in for the number ‘1’.)

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You can now listen to my guest appearance on Episode #29 of Bittersweet Infamy! Taylor Basso, Josie Mitchell and I chatted about the cult classic Candyman and all the stories that inspired one of my favourite horror films. I highly recommend you follow them on Instagram to keep informed on all their awesome and entertaining episodes.

Many thanks to Tajja Isen and the rest of the editorial team at Catapult for publishing “Two-Player Mode” about my relationship with my brother through our mutual love of gaming.

My debut in true-crime writing is now available! Mitzi Szereto’s “Partners in Crime” edition of The Best New True Crime Stories anthologies is out now. Pick up a copy and read about the timeline of one of the most notorious and sadistic Canadian couples.

As a contribution to Canthius magazine’s digital collection “Whose Pleasure Is It Anyway?” I mused on the act of crochet before and during the Coronavirus pandemic and how it informs self-care.


Most recent (and most decent) photograph can be viewed along with a little blurb about me.

A list of my work can be found in the Creative Work section. My editorial experience has been compiled in a portfolio.

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